My Plans for My Blog

I was not sure whether I want 1 blog or two different ones. At first I thought I would have one for my personal life and my arts & crafts and another for my product testing, but I have chosen to just have one, so this is going to be a very busy blog eventually, once I get it going. I need some followers on Twitter to help get accepted to be a product tester so please take time to follow me on Twitter. Twitter is new for me just like Blogging, so bear with me and buckle up for this bumpy ride.

Please go to my Twitter and follow me:


Since I am not a Product tester yet, let’s talk about something I really love and that is my arts and crafts. All my life I have been involved in some type of arts & crafts. I change with the trends, so I am always learning or creating something different.

I have been trading my arts and crafts in an art swap site for about a year now.

Visit Swap-Bot here:

I have met a lot of awesome people and received art from all over the world. So much fun! I was just involved in an advent swap where me and another lady traded 24 hand-made gifts. I can’t wait to open them starting this Monday. How exciting!

My gifts all wrapped up that I sent to my swap partner.

***Stay tuned for my give-away of the week starting next week.***


By the way my Thanksgiving cooking did not go quite as planned, but it was still a big hit with my husband. 

Until next time….

The Snow Queen and I must roll on. We have a lot of Christmas to deliver!


One thought on “My Plans for My Blog

  1. I happily followed you on Twitter. I started the product testing/sampling and blogging the first week of November, and it’s amazing how much it’s taken off. It takes lot of work, but it’s so much fun and well worth it. I’m new to twitter, too, and it’s still strange to me. Good luck with everything and enjoy all the fun the mailman or woman can bring. LOL. (I thought that was funny, because you’re a rural mail carrier).


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