Once upon a time…..


This blog is about me and reading. Well it is actually a product review, but we will get to that in a few minutes.

Once upon a time… when my kids were young I lived in books. I would pick up a novel and spend all night and day reading the book until it was finished. I needed very little sleep back then and my children made sure that is exactly what I got. I can still here my voice as I asked the doctor why my children did not take naps and he replied, “Some children do not require naps.” Just my luck! Grrr….

Times were tough when my children were small and I purchased my books from Garage sales and auctions. My favorite books were “Period Romances.” I am a romantic at heart and I always imagined myself in the character role.

But then life happened. My husband became ill and died young and left me to raise my children by myself. Reading a book was a luxury as I just never had time. So I moved on and forgot about my treasured books.

I have had friends and families that purchased the Kindles and the phone apps to read their books, but I never thought about it until I decided to do a Free review.

I downloaded the app and I read a book. This book:

“Time to Begin” (Get your copy by clicking the link below:)


My Review:

“Time to Begin” is a beautiful and versatile novel about people who are forced to choose new paths, because the old ones have disappeared beneath their feet. I enjoyed the book and glad I started my journey of reading again. This reminded me of when my path was destroyed and I had to start over. Worth the read!




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