Product Review is Not as Easy as Everyone Thinks it is. I am Knee Deep!!!

Wow I am new to product testing and deciding to become a product tester in December while having a job as a mail carrier is insane. And it does not help that I am OCD and a procrastinator. I seriously have 43 products to test and review (Yikes!!!), so let’s see how many I can knock out today. Trust me it will only be a few, as I am very picky about my Blog posts.

And then there is my dreaded Dr. appointment at 3pm. I do not even like my doctor, but I need my meds, so I must go. *sigh*

I will be posting a couple of Give-A-Ways once I learn how (Seriously I do not even have a clue where to start). So please sign up for my Give-a-Ways if you reside in the US and if you actually need what I am giving away. Ha!

Okay no more time for idle chit chat. I owe these businesses testing and reviews, so Ta Ta for now!


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