Dance Like No One Is Watching

I am really not trying to be funny. I am serious. I am supposed to be doing a review about a hot, steamy, sexy Latin dance, but somehow when my husband and I try to Latin dance, we look more like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire….. NOT! We look like a couple of people who can not dance. But we look like we are sure having fun trying. And we get lots of exercise while not even realizing we are having a workout. And throw some alcohol in the picture and wow! We are awesome. Ha!

Now let’s put all joking aside and talk about this awesome set of DVDs.

Beginning Salsa Dance 3 Pack – 3 DVD Beginning Salsa Dance System

This is a really fun step by step way to learn how to salsa dance and is designed for people whom NEVER thought they should dance. (Like me and my husband)

  • Proven Teaching Tips and Relaxed Pace
  • 2 Hours of Comprehensive Lessons – On Each DVD
  • Picture In Picture – Close Up Angles of Important Moves
  • Challenge Yourself and Graduate from the Beginner Series
  • Great Alternative to Boring Exercise Routines
  • Dozens of Tips, Patterns, and Variations
  • Features the Music of Benny Velarde

Don’t miss out on adding these to your collection. You will not be sorry!


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