Do You Smell That Yummy Smell?

Old Red Sure Smells it, but unfortunately he isn’t invited.

Put on those Grilling Gloves and let’s cook some Shish Kabobs

Kitchen Mastery Silicone Grill Gloves

Product Description

  • PREMIUM QUALITY – 1 Long-Lasting Pair of Barbeque Gloves with One-Size-Fits-Most Design.
  • HEAT RESISTANT for temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you the protection you need while working around a blazing fire. There is nothing more durable than BPA-Free, FDA approved silicone.
  • EXCELLENT GRIP – Five Fingers Design and Flexible Non-Slip Silicone provides you a strong grip, even when wet or greasy surfaces! Plus optimum length for Maximum Protection & Comfort. Use them as Oven Mitts, Pot Holders, Gripping Gloves or Working Gloves. Simply perfect for cooking and baking sessions, outdoor barbecue grilling or camping.
  • BEST CHOICE to keep your hands SAFE & DRY while handling Hot Items of the Oven, Grill, Microwave, Fireplace, etc. Ideal for various other jobs around the house: putting logs into a fireplace, changing a hot light bulb, defrosting your freezer and many others. IMPROVE your maneuvers with flexible and comfortable 5 fingers gloves, always welcomed in your kitchen.
  • ENJOY your BBQ Parties with Family and Friends. So EASY to clean up food, grease, oil or marinades. DISHWASHER SAFE and no stains or smell even after long term use. 100% Waterproof with a large range of use in various Cooking Experiences.
  • PERFECT GIFT for Grill Lovers! Work clever and replace your old stained, smelly oven mitts with 100% pure silicone gloves for higher insulation and comfort. Our new collection of orange gloves will assist you with devotion to successful cooking sessions! Total Commitment to make YOU HAPPY so you can shop with CONFIDENCE!

My Review:

Or should I say my husband’s review. My husband is the cook at our house and a great one I might add. He loves these gloves and always reaches for them instead of oven mitts or pot holders.

To purchase your gloves follow this link:


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